Portable Farming System Portable Farming Systems (PFS) are huge Leak-proof, UV Protected Grow Bags of 10X4 feet to grow lage quantities of Organic Vegetables on Rooftop. These PFS consists of

    • Organic Soil-less Medium
    • Drip Irrigation System
    • Sub-Surface Drainage System
    • Organic Sprays
    • MS Frame and Green Net
    Portable Farming System
    Portable Farming System


    Vertical Indoor and Outdoor Green Walls are techniques of growing plants on vertically suspended panels to enhance the visuals of buildings and offices. They help in:

    • Increasing natural airflow in the environment
    • Improve Air Quality
    • Reduce Electricity Cost and generating LEED points
    • Reduce Noise Levels in the Buildings
    • Enhance Property appearance and Value

    Land Farming/ Raised Bed Farming

    t consists of the following items for creating 1 raised bed of dimensions 20ft X 2ft :
    – 16 mm inline Drip pipe – 44 feet
    – Plastic Mulch – 50 sqr ft
    – Biofertilizers – 10 kgs (including organic microbial cultures, organic minerals and organic macro-nutrients)

    Portable Farming System

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