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Green Walls

Convert pillars of metro/elevated roads into zero-energy air purifiers. Cover exterior walls of government buildings (offices, schools, hospitals etc) with lush green walls to create Green Streetscapes. Our green wall panels can be locked so that pilferage cannot happen from public sites. A much higher density of plants (6 plants per sqr ft) as compared to conventional green walls (3 plants per sqr ft). Green Walls will not only purify the air but will also absorb noise and PM2.5.

Urban Farming

Convert barren rooftops into lush green organic farms. Convert un-used urban spaces (like empty plots, parks etc) into organic food-growing spaces. Reduce the Urban Heat Island (UHI) by creating urban green spaces. Generate carbon credits from organic rooftop farms Generate employment and self-
employment opportunities for the unemployed urban youth.

Rooftop Fruit Orchard

Grow organic fruits on rooftops. Convert large rooftops of buildings into organic orchards. Grow fruit trees up to 13 feet in height. Fruits that can be grown on rooftop: Guava, Banana, Fig, Dragon Fruit, Apple Ber, Lemon, Orange, Moringa etc.

Living Billboards

Write your brand message with Live Plants! Besides catching eyeballs, Living Billboards also act as zero-energy air purifiers that work 24X7. Excellent option for doing eco-friendly marketing. Can be installed in high traffic density areas to not only purify the air but to also reduce the noise levels.

School Farming

Children can receive practical training on organic farming. Empty rooftops of schools, particularly in large cities, can be converted into lush green organic farms. The organic produce can be utilised
in the school kitchen or in mid-day meal program. House-keeping staff of the school can be easily trained to do rooftop farming.

Connecting Kitchen Waste Composting to Urban Farming

Convert kitchen waste into nutrient- rich biofertilizer

This model can be used in housing societies, schools, hospitals, hotels etc
where large quantities of kitchen waste is generated everyday.

Use the biofertilizer to grow organic vegetables. The CIRCULARITY MODEL gets well established

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